Letter: With stroke of a pen, Parnell made state more dangerous

Gov. Sean Parnell has long championed a “Choose Respect” crusade. Apparently, this does not include respect for human life, or he would have vetoed the “Shoot-to-kill, Stand-your-ground” bill HB24.

If you respect human life, you do not choose to kill someone who threatens you if it can be safely avoided — even if the law supports you.

An Alaska State Trooper once confided to me: “You know, most of the people we deal with are not criminals, just ordinary folks like you and me who are simply having the worst day of their lives.” Well, these are the folks who are going to be gunned down under the bill Parnell just signed into law.

So, you can now taunt someone until he snaps and comes at you with a blunt object in his hand, then stand your ground and mow him down? Maybe wound an innocent passerby with a stray bullet? But you can always claim self-defense!

Yes, with a single reckless stroke of his pen, Parnell just made Alaska a more dangerous place for his kids, mine, everyone’s.

— William M. Cox