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Letter: Parnell defends wife beater

As an adult I understand that not everyone shares my view of the world, but what helps me sleep at night is that we’re all on the same page about wife beaters. Well, I guess I need to find a new way to get to sleep tonight because our governor is defending the rights of a wife beater. Why? For the noble purpose of sticking it to a tribal court that ruled that the man who beat his wife so bad that he broke three of her ribs and collapsed her lung should not be ruled an unfit parent.

At what point do we come together and ask why our governor would do such a thing? Why do we continue to allow this man to do things that at best tarnish our state’s name and at worse make us a state worthy of that soiled reputation? I think the voting public needs to rule that Parnell is an unfit governor come next election season.

— Mark L. Simon