Letter: Gas distribution system would be great for Fairbanks, state

There are times when we must value community benefit over corporate profit. Developing a gas distribution system in Fairbanks is one of these. 

The Interior Gas Utility (IGU) is an organization made up of long-time Alaskans committed to meeting the governor’s goals of affordable energy, delivered to the greatest number of Interior residents and businesses, in the shortest amount of time. However this project is about more than Interior residents, it is about all of Alaska. 

A state-funded study on a gas distribution system (Northern Economics, July 2012) found that construction and operation of an LNG plant and gas distribution system could reduce Fairbanks area space heating costs by up to 50 percent. This means Fairbanks area residents would spend less to heat their homes and therefore have more disposable income. Economic opportunities would open for Anchorage businesses to expand north and more money would flow into the whole state economy. I hope the Regulatory Commission of Alaska considers these arguments when deciding the next steps for gas distribution in Fairbanks. 

— Kathryn Dodge