Letter: Getting involved in the Syrian conflict would be huge mistake

I think it’s ironic that President Obama is seeking Congressional approval for military action in Syria. What’s to prevent us from diving into the black hole of another Iraq?

If we have to cut important social programs as part of our unjustified sequester just to balance the budget, how can we afford another war? How can we put our military men and women, and innocent Syrian civilians in harm’s way? There are alternatives to using force. Military action by the U.S. will not stop the use of chemical warfare and will not topple the Assad regime.

Please call the local offices of our Congressional Representatives to express your opposition to a huge mistake we will pay for many years down the road.

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski 271-3735.

U.S. Senator Mark Begich 271-5915.

U.S. Representative Don Young 271-5978.

— Susan Valenti