Letter: US government has funded war on the Catholic Church

Maybe Christine M. Flowers should follow her own advice and wake up (Column, Sept. 2). Individual Iranians, Iraqis and Egyptians aren’t the only ones to persecute Catholics.

The U.S. government confiscated Americans’ earnings to finance what Noam Chomsky has called the “war on organized religion” — the Catholic Church. That U.S.-funded war killed 75,000 Salvadoran Christians, 200,000 Guatemalan Christians and tens of thousands of Argentine, Brazilian, Chilean and Honduran Christians. In Nicaragua, the feds eliminated the middlemen and created their own terrorist group, the Contras, who slaughtered 35,000 Christians.

I condemn the crimes committed against Christians by thugs in Iran, Iraq and Egypt. But at least they didn’t call their victims communists and bill us Americans for their crimes.

The politically incorrect founder of Catholicism cautions us to pay as much attention to our own sins as we do to the Iraqi, Iranian and Egyptian sins.

Maybe when Ms. Flowers wakes up, she’ll heed his advice.

— Geoff Kennedy