Letter: A disaster just waiting to happen

It hasn’t happened yet. I sure hope it doesn’t. But, I’m not too optimistic.

What I’m talking about is the use of the hilly, winding, limited visibility street in my subdivision by bicyclists and student athletes on “roller skis” who are training for their respective sports. These enthusiasts have hundreds of miles of publicly funded trails available to them, but instead chose the narrow and dangerous road in this lower Hillside subdivision for their workouts. Many times I have had to swerve to avoid some fool driver who decided to come down the middle of the road. Add bicyclists and roller skiers to the equation and the outcome isan accident waiting to happen. 

To make matters worse, the folks who are training very often travel the road in pairs instead of in single file.

I urge these competitors and their coaches to consider an alternative venue for training and to do so before someone suffers a serious injury.

— Ted Moninski