Letter: Back Ross and take back Alaska

It’s time for a change in Turnagain. That’s why I am supporting Clare Ross for the House. She’s a hard working woman who shares the values of my district. Clare is a breath of fresh air and a contrast to Lindsey Holmes, who switched parties, positions and votes.

Holmes voted for the loss of 200 education staff in Anchorage and for four years of education funding cuts.

Clare has supported education and real opportunities for kids. That is why she earned Carol Comeau’s support.

Lindsey voted to help the foreign-owned Pebble mine take water from our fishing streams and to gut cruise ship pollution rules Alaskans adopted by initiative. She’s given away our oil resources — $700 million to $2 billion per year to Exxon and its friends — without requiring them to invest here, their most profitable oil fields. 

Clare would stand up for me and for you. Join me, Vic Fischer, Carol Comeau and many more in supporting Clare. Take our state back. 

— Frank Gwartney