Letter: Is football a sport or just a substitute for gladiator ring?

Some 4,500 former football players have concussion-related brain injuries (Daily News, Aug. 30 and 31). My questions: Should “spectacular hits on the field” in a “sport that embraces violent collisions” be allowed to continue? Have sport stadiums become coliseums with players gladiatorial pawns for attracting BIG DOLLARS to ruthless entertainment, shamefully immature?

Civilization, what now art thou? Grow up!

The problem is not the players or fans but rather the widespread misdirected acculturation of acclaim and the lack of attentive medical foresight.

Lovers of life befriend life, elevate it, not down it. Life is more than a game. The real issue in life is always the same:  What do we love?

Only thrills and fame? No. We are bigger and better than that.

True civilization is a calling to what is best, and we should never forget that life is not only sacred but also precious and priceless. A good life and also a good game are not war but  peace.

Stretch. Strive. Reach. Teach.

— Norman Hogg



Anchorage Daily News