Letter: Marketplace can prove puzzling

Now we have the Obamacare thingy under the guise as “My Healthcare Marketplace” which is online with a whole gamut of options including medical and dental options. Sounds great! 

After checking into options to purchase the dental portion, I went to their website and selected the only option I was interested in as Dental Plan only and asked for a response … no cigar … called an 800 number and gave them my information. To get Obamacare dental I would be required to sign up for medical which I don’t need so I can pay a higher premium for something I don’t want on an income I can’t afford to help someone who pays zilch whether by their own fault or not. I do pick-click-and-give at a rate of about 23 percent of my PFD, so I’m not a total miser. 

Here is the online conversation:

“We apologize for the inconvenience but dental-only coverage is available through the Marketplace only for people who also purchase health coverage through the Marketplace.”

— Bud Blakemore


Anchorage Daily News