Letter: What good will Syria attack do?

It appears that our commander in chief, President Obama, has a goal of launching Tomahawk missiles into Syria. His recent comments indicate we have a “moral” responsibility because of the use of sarin gas by Assad’s forces again the Syrian people.

The president’s idea will be addressed by Congress in the next few days. I support the idea of a moral responsibility; however, I feel that if we have a moral responsibility, then the U.N. should also support that responsibility through a vote before we take action. If not, their charter and organization has lost its course. Or we are on a wrong course.

As a Vietnam vet, serving at Da Nang in 1967 and 1968, I look back and think about the more than 50,000 lives lost there, and for what? 

Then I look at Iraq and Afghanistan and wonder what we achieved in defense of our country in those conflicts. Somebody tell me. Somebody tell me what measure of safety attacking Syria without multinational cooperation will provide to me and my family members.

— Dean Hill