Drunk at Kodiak airport loses control of pants along with his temper

From the Kodiak Daily Mirror: Alaska State Troopers are calling it an intentional mooning: An unruly drunk at the Kodiak airport bent over to pick up a dropped card from his wallet and his pants fell down. Already facing a disorderly conduct charge for picking a fight, Charles Helzer, a 31-year-old from California, compounded his problems by loudly calling attention to his allegedly exposed rump.

Troopers asked Helzer to leave the terminal, at which point he allegedly began shouting and swearing at one of the troopers. Airline representatives told troopers they wanted Helzer trespassed from the airport. 

While the second trooper was talking to airline representatives inside the airport, Helzer bent over to pick up a card that fell out of his wallet. His pants fell down, and he shouted out to the trooper and a woman passing through the airport entrance: “Hey, check out my crack, is it big enough for you?” court documents read.

He then stumbled headfirst into the side of a nearby trash can.

Helzer was jailed after the incident last week and later released on $500 bail.