Man wields cell phone to escape polar bear attack


From CBC News: A new resident of Churchill, Manitoba -- a Hudson Bay town with hordes of polar bears that draw hordes of tourists -- says he should have taken a cab home early Saturday instead of walking. That's when he was cornered and swatted by one of the bears. Garett Kolsun of Winnipeg says he gained time to run away by waving a lit cell phone in the bear's face.

He ran up to a bakery, and tried kicking open the front door.

"At that point the bear was basically right on top of me," he said. "I was yelling and screaming, trying to keep it away from me. Throughout all this it had swatted at me a few times and it had bit me."

Kolsun said he was desperate.

"So I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket, turned it on and the screen lit up," he said. "I turned it towards the bear, put it in his face and it stepped back."

It turned the tide.

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