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Letter: Americans will do it again

Here’s my question to the world: What do you want from the U.S. … today?

How many times in our modern history have we seen it? Hitler. Pol Pot. Milosovic. Warlords and “leaders” from other nations too numerous to list. It’s called genocide. It’s called ethnic cleansing. It’s called “civil” war. It’s called the use of WMD. Pick your term and pick your pony. It’s all the same. 

We (the world) think this should not occur. We (the world) think that something should be done. We (the individual) think it’s someone else’s responsibility.

If the U.S. is to do “something” to  Assad, I’d like to see the other leaders of the world to stand up and say, “Something must be done. My country has neither the skill nor the will to do anything about it. We want it done and we want the U.S. to do it for us … again.”

— Christopher Michl