VIDEO: Iraq, Afghanistan vets visit Arlington Cemetery on 9/11

Justine McdanielThe Philadelphia Inquirer

Around the country, Americans are remembering those who died on September 11, 2001. At Arlington National Cemetery, in section 60, where veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars are buried, many visited Wednesday to honor the sacrifices that have come in the wake of the attacks.

One veteran, First Lieutenant Justin Joyce of Burke, Virginia, came to visit the grave of a friend who served with him in Afghanistan. Joyce said September 11 is a special time to pay his respects to his fallen colleagues.

“I think it marks a big day for many of my generation. That’s why we signed up for the military and put on the uniform… to prevent such attacks from happening in the future. Today I [came] down to be among those who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf,” he said.

Justine McDaniel
McClatchy Washington Bureau