Letter: Penn State has good news too

I couldn’t agree more when it comes to Dan Gelston’s point of view that “Penn State’s NASCAR-fueled offense might indeed be too tough to tame” (Penn State brings balance to running game, Sept. 10). I am currently a student at Penn State but lived in Anchorage up until this past summer. These days in the media the majority of things that are mentioned about Penn State are negative, referring to the Sandusky scandal. It brings a smile to my face knowing that there is a story out there reflecting the hard work of the team.

The team as a whole has shown the media that they can push past all the negativity and focus on what the true goal is, winning the football game. This article perfectly reflects that by showing stats and comments from coaches. The running backs have started the season with amazing success and not only that but the offense has a strong quarterback behind them for support. This article makes me extremely proud to be a Penn State Nittany Lion.

— Rachel Fowkes

Altoona, Pa.

former resident of Anchorage