Letter: Museum’s Dena’ina exhibit has something for everyone

Anchorage is lucky to have a great museum, and we’re especially lucky this fall and winter. I just left the opening of the new Dena’ina exhibit that has been six years in the making. Families and people of all ages were packed into the third floor exhibit hall to see this new special exhibit that explores many aspects of the lives, history, and culture of the people who were here in Southcentral Alaska before Captain Cook arrived and are still here today.

 With something to interest everyone, there are things you can touch, stories to listen to, incredibly fine porcupine quill decorations on traditional clothing, a timeline for the history buffs that goes from the archaeological to the present, fishing and hunting displays, and even a dinner table of family and friends which I watched a young visitor join by shadowing the hands at the table as they served and ate. There are some free times including one Sunday afternoon per month through January. Dena’ina. … Tikahtnu … learn more about the culture behind the names. Bravo!

— Sue Sherif