Kohring loses latest bid to have corruption conviction overturned

Richard Mauer

Disgraced ex-legislator and current Wasilla city council candidate Vic Kohring lost one appeal in July, lost his attorneys a short time later, and on Tuesday lost what might have been his last chance -- however remote -- at getting his federal corruption conviction overturned.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in an order issued Tuesday that none of its judges thought Kohring should have a rehearing before the entire court. Kohring had hoped the full court would reverse a decision in July by a two-judge circuit court panel that rejected Kohring's request to dismiss his conviction.

Kohring pleaded guilty in 2011 to conspiracy to commit bribery while in the Legislature but then had a change of heart, saying the federal prosecutors were the ones who were corrupt, withholding information from his attorneys.

After the two-judge panel declined to intervene, Kohring asked for a rare "en banc" rehearing before the entire court -- but it was an appeal he wrote himself. His three public defenders from Seattle, led by Michael Filipovic, withdrew from the case after the two-judge panel ruled.

In seeking court permission to withdraw, Filipovic said Kohring didn't meet the standards for such an extraordinary review.

Kohring is hoping to resurrect his political career. He's running in the Oct. 1 municipal election for a seat on the Wasilla City Council.

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