Letter: Moore shouldn’t let views of a few keep her from attending church

As a Christian, I feel compelled to respond to Shannyn Moore’s  comment piece entitled, “These churches wouldn’t vote for Jesus.” In particular I want to address her statement, “I no longer attend a church. I have a hard time reconciling what many churches say with what Jesus said.”  

Unfortunately, many people in the press and the public in general use this same excuse to not attend church. They listen to the most extreme examples of Christianity in our nation and somehow think these people speak for all Christians. Would you quit voting because the views of a few politicians were incompatible with your own?  

If Ms. Moore thinks there is no place for you under the banner of Christianity, she should think again. If she thinks there is not a loving Christian church in this town that will help her feel closer to Christ, she should think again.

Why would anyone allow the beliefs of a few to come between her and her relationship with a larger church family and Jesus?

— Jeff Wilson

member, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church