Letter: It is time to move on and forward

The House of Representatives is planning to vote down Obamacare for the 43rd time. The bill will allow 22 million people affordable health care and shave almost a trillion dollars off the deficit over the next decade (According to the Congressional Budget Office). But they’re willing to shut down government to prove a point.

If there is no budget or continuing resolution by Oct. 1 then federal employees will be sent home. (They can’t legally go to work.) Then, after a couple of days, Congress will pass something, employees will go back to work, and still get paid for the days they were at home. How does this make sense? 

Under Obamacare, my two daughters have insurance. Also, they won’t pay higher premiums because of their “pre-existing” condition; being women. 

Being young should not be an excuse for not having insurance. At what age can someone buy booze? Do they text when they drive or drive fast? Are they immune to getting cancer? Having everyone participate was a Republican idea. Let’s move on.

— Bill Tremblay