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Letter: Anchorage youth put on great show for a 70th birthday party

We have lived in Anchorage for over 40 years. During that time, we have heard great things about our youth and some stories that don’t need to be repeated.

Last Friday night, I was given a surprise 70th birthday party. Part of the surprise was a four-piece jazz band that included an adult leader, Bobby Jones, on the keyboard and supported by three Anchorage  youth that were the centerpiece of the evening event. Erik on the sax, Zachary on the drums and Rosie with a voice between Ella Fitzgerald and Diana Krall.

EZ R&B was the best present this old guy received from his family and friends.

Kudos to our Anchorage youth for the talent and professionalism they exhibited.

— Tom Gallagher


Anchorage Daily News