Letter: Child’s right to be safe supersedes rights of father

Paul Jenkins’ last Sunday column  (Sept. 15) tried to explain away Gov. Parnell’s blunder in supporting a Native father’s rights to a child whom the tribal court  allowed to be adopted by third party to protect the child from  the father who has a long violent past and has repeatedly beat the mother of the child.

Paul Jenkins is an oil company mouthpiece of long standing, and anything that may affect the oil companies like the re-election of Gov. Parnell and Parnell’s multibillion oil tax giveaway is in Jenkins’ purview, thus Jenkins’ defense of Parnell’s blunder in opposing the tribal courts decision to approve the adoption of the child by third party to protect the child.

The Alaska State Supreme Court has granted Alaska’s courts and tribal courts broad powers to protect children.  Alaska has long history that predates Alaska statehood in allowing and encouraging tribes to protect children.

The rights of child to be free from the threat of abuse are foremost in the court’s decision be it a state court or tribal court.

— Jerry McCutcheon