Body of missing King Salmon woman found

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Searchers on Monday afternoon found the body of Reanna Rose Anderson, the King Salmon woman who went missing last week and whose husband later killed himself, police said.

A statement from Bristol Bay Borough Police Department said two volunteer searchers found the remains of Anderson at 2:24 p.m. It wasn’t immediately clear where the discovery occurred, but volunteers had been canvassing the Southwest Alaska town of King Salmon as well as nearby Naknek. 

Police and crime scene technicians went to the scene and it was confirmed at 5:40 p.m. that it was Anderson, according to Bristol Bay police. 

“This case is now being investigated as a possible homicide,” the statement said.

Anderson’s mother reported her missing Friday after she didn’t show up to her job at the PenAir ticket counter two days in a row. 

She had last been seen days earlier at the King Salmon home she shared with her husband, family members have said. 

On Friday, Kyle Anderson fatally shot himself as police officers tried to pull him over to question him.

Reanna Rose Anderson was raised in the King Salmon area and had lived there for nearly all of her life, except a short stint in Seattle after high school, according to family members.

King Salmon and Naknek residents mobilized on a community Facebook group to search for her, with dozens of people posting about Anderson on Sunday and Monday.

Some shared prayers the 24-year-old would be found safe. Others suggested bringing warm clothes and waterproof boots on searching expeditions. People offered sandwiches and organized rides.

“There are times we bicker and argue, fight or whatever, but when a tragedy such as this comes about, we are truly family, friends, neighbors. As I was coming home from work today, I was amazed at how many people were out and about searching for Reanna,” one woman wrote. 

Reanna and Kyle Anderson’s young daughter is now staying with grandparents, according to family members.