Letter: Wasilla library badly needed

On Oct. 1, voters in the city of Wasilla will be asked to raise the city sales tax 1 percent for three years to pay for a new Wasilla Public Library. After the money is raised the tax will return to its present 2 percent.

A new library has been on the city’s priority list seven times since 2006. The present library with approximately 8,000 square feet and 16 parking spaces is inadequate to serve the growth of the community. In fiscal year 2013 the library had almost 89,000 visitors and 2,200 new patrons registered. It offered 257 programs from baby lap-sit to the all-ages summer reading program for over 10,000 people, with no program space. Floor space between stacks is utilized as much as the few tables and chairs.

The new library will not just fix the present deficiencies but also add computers, laptops to check out, meeting rooms, a business center and coffee bar. It will serve the whole community.

Please vote yes on Proposition W-1.

— Pam Ockerlander 


Anchorage Daily News