Anchorage police charge Glennallen dentist with sexual assault of a woman incapacitated by alcohol

Lisa Demer

A Glennallen dentist is facing felony sexual assault charges for what Anchorage police say was a repeat sexual attack on a woman too drunk to give her consent.

Kevin B. Shedlock, 43, was arrested Tuesday by Anchorage police detectives in the special victims unit along with Alaska State Troopers. Anchorage police charged him with four counts of second-degree sexual assault.

He's the sole dentist at the Wrangell Mountain Dental Clinic, a program of the Copper River Native Association, according to the organization's Web site.

The sexual assaults occurred early on Aug. 26 in Anchorage. Shedlock, the victim and others gathered here for a multi-day business meeting, a police affidavit filed in court says.

After finishing their work that Sunday, Aug. 25, six people in the group met around 6 p.m. for drinks in the hotel restaurant bar. The woman, 47, sought a protective order against Shedlock and in her petition, she said the assaults happened at the Embassy Suites on East Benson Boulevard.

The police affidavit filed in court gives this account:

The woman told police detective Jean Dupuis that she drank four glasses of wine then, when Shedlock bought rounds of tequila for the table, she drank two shots. After the second shot, she suddenly felt sick and fled to the lobby bathroom, where she became violently ill, she told police.

Her boss, also a woman, helped her to the bathroom and told police the woman "was very sick and lying on the floor completely out of it." She was unable to sit or stand, the boss told police.

Shedlock then went into the women's restroom and told the boss he will take care of the woman and the boss can leave. The woman couldn't stand up so he tried to pick her up like a child, the boss told police. The boss rejoined the group to wait for them.

Around 11:30 p.m., Shedlock went to the front desk to get a new key to the woman's room. He told the group her old key wasn't working. The boss went with him to the second floor and found the woman in the hall passed out next to her door. The boss helped the woman to bed. She "couldn't even comment, only grunted something not understandable," the boss told police.

Shedlock then told the boss he would take care of the woman. He repeatedly sexually assaulted her in her hotel room, the woman told police.

Shedlock, who lives in Copper Center, was being held at the Mat-Su Pretrial Center. He appeared in Palmer District Court Wednesday, where bail was set at $50,000 with the requirement of a third part custodian.

Police suspect additional victims of Shedlock, based on what happened with the victim. They ask anyone with information to call them at 786-8900.

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