Anything goes: What's on your dog-loving minds?

Mike Lewis /

Use this space to discuss anything you'd like -- treat it as a bulletin board for all things dog.

I've been remiss about keeping up with "anything goes" topics lately, so here's an attempt to get the discussion going again. Are there any dog-related topics you'd like to discuss? Here's the place to do it. 

I'll go first:

My pack of three seems to be divided on the early winter. Lucy, my Chessie, doesn't seem to mind. She's the first to line up for walks or to go out back for a potty break, and it doesn't matter if there's snow or rain falling.

Eddie has always been a reluctant walker the first few snowstorms. He takes one sniff at the back door and if he doesn't like the weather, he turns around and holds out as long as he can before he has to go outside. The more I insist he go for walks, the more he comes around and realizes there's nothing he can do about the arrival of winter.

Jillie, I'm afraid, has learned from Eddie's habits. She had always been unaffected by the elements, but she, too, is balking about going outside in the snow and rain unless she really has to. She's my only one pad-trained, too, and I find her using her pee-pad more often this time of year.

How about your pack? Any noticeable changes as the weather turns cooler? Anything else on your mind?