Letter: Invest in renewable resources

With PFDs coming next week, it seems like a good time to reflect on the economic situation in this state. Oil production has been declining at a rate consistent with what one might expect given that oil isn’t a renewable resource. The only possible way the recent tax giveaway could increase production is if oil companies decide to pursue extreme energy such as fracking shale and mining tar sands. While the situation in Alaska is good right now, it won’t always be. We need to focus on renewable resources like fresh water and salmon, we need to use the money from non-renewable resources to invest in making this state sustainable, and we need our politicians to actually care about our future.

The same Republicans who gave billions away to already under-taxed oil companies in this state are spending tax payer money on sprucing up their personal offices and giving themselves a room to hang out and smoke in. Enough is enough. Grow the Permanent Fund — kick out the corrupt b******* club.

— Bryant DeHusson