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Letter: Living in fear has cost Americans

Re: Randy Bjorgan Jr.’s letter on Tuesday:

Mr. Bjorgan says that we “have to rely on a weapon” to defend ourselves. I grew up in a household without guns. I have been married to men who have guns, mostly for hunting. I am 68 and none of us have had to “defend ourselves” in civilian life with guns. Ever. 

I am careful to choose where I go, when, and with whom. I lock my doors and learned self-defense. I have a dog. I do not feel compelled to own a gun, although if I did, I would certainly first learn how to handle it. I choose not to live in fear. 

Living in fear as a country has led the U.S. to interfere in many foreign countries, sometimes invading them, sometimes training and arming terrorists to do our dirty work. Many if not most of these adventures created massive negative blowback, not “security.” And many people who believe in this think they “live by the Bible.” 

Mr. Bjorgan, let’s talk. 

— Robyn Lauster