Letter: TV ad slamming Obamacare is nothing but a crock of lies

Perhaps you’ve seen the political propaganda on TV with an elderly woman, a two-time cancer diagnostee, slamming “Obamacare.” The piece ends with her saying, “I have had the best care in the world, and I want the same for you.”

Well then, she should want Obamacare. But she implies that Obamacare will prevent that. I don’t know if the lady understands what she has been put up to, but it is a crock of lies. Canceling the Affordable Care for America Act would prevent 30 million Americans from being able to afford health care (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) report.) How will that result in “the same for all of you”? The purveyors of snake oil economics and unregulated capitalism, as well as the anti-government-at-all-costs extremists, again prove themselves self-serving prevaricators with no conscience, no sympathy, no caring for those who, through the abuses of an insurance industry, suffer the most.

— Larry Ctibor