Alaska Ear: Unrumored (9/29/13)

UNRUMORED . . . Earwigs note the deafening silence where all those rumors about Sen. Click Bishop becoming Lite Gov once swirled. Remember way back in the summer, when Gov. Sean Parnell and Chief of Staff Mike Nizich engaged in some male bonding with Click over dead ungulates? Maybe. (Ear never saw any actual moose carcasses.)

Ear hears Parnell is worried about Click being an undependable as an 11th vote on anti-labor and education issues and wanted him out of the Senate. When Mead Treadwell resigns to run for U.S. senator, assuming that happens, Parnell will get to appoint his replacement.

So, according to new rumors, Parnell is now grooming Rep. Lance Pruitt for the Lite Gov job. What happened? Maybe Capt. Zero is content to wait for a rubber stamp majority in the Senate after the 2014 election, when Mia Costello is allegedly set to take out Hollis French.

Is any of this is grounded in fact? Who knows? A lot can happen in a year.

EAR QUIZ . . . Quick, can you name the six men officially running for governor?

No, you can't. But don't feel bad.

No one can.

SCARE TACTIC . . . Sarah Palin's coyness about a possible run for U.S. Senate (yes, from Alaska) is proving useful to one candidate. Mark Begich's current fund-raising letters lead with the following quote from The Hill newspaper:

"Palin still not ruling out Alaska Senate run."

WRETCHED EXCESS . . . You heard all those (not very) clever references to "Cruz control" in comments about the pseudo-filibuster this past week. Well, it's apparently contagious. The invitation to this week's Alaska Young Republicans' get-together suggested: "Cruz on over to the Long Branch ..."

Stop. Please.

A QUESTION . . . Did a Bartlett football player really miss a game last weekend due to an allergic reaction to hair dye?

ON THE MOVE . . . Miles Baker, state director for Sen. Lisa Murkowski, is moving over to a job with the Alaska Gas Line Development Corp. He's being replaced by Kevin Sweeney, Lisa's campaign manager for the 2010 write-in triumph over Honor Code Joe.

WHY WE LOVE ALASKA . . . Someone forgot the American flag at Wednesday's East Anchorage Rotary lunch meeting, the one on the 15th floor of the Anchorage Hilton. This was a problem because every Rotary meeting starts with the pledge of allegiance.

In desperation, the crowd was all set to pledge to the Rotary International banner when someone shouted, "Hey, how about that flag?" (Or words to that effect).

Everyone turned and looked out the window, to the flag on top of the Capt. Cook, a couple of blocks away. After a round of laughter and applause, the group turned to face the west window and pledged to the proper flag.

WHY WE LOVE ALASKA II . . . The Blue-Hollomon Gallery at 36th and Arctic hosted a lovely concert last Sunday: Musicians Laura Koenig, Dawn Lindsay, Linda Ottum and Juliana Osinchuk offered a selection of 17th and 18th century music by women composers, including Princess Anna Amalia, sister of Frederick the Great, and Isabella Leonarda, a cloistered Ursuline.

And among the audience enjoying the classy performances, Miss Tilly Mae Thistledown, a hedgehog. From Wasilla.


It reminded Ear of that old joke: Frederick the Great's sister, a cloistered nun and a hedgehog walked into a bar ...

ANSWER . . . The six gubernatorial candidates who have filed intent letters with the APOC are: Jacob Kern, Phillip Stoddard, Sean Parnell, Bill Walker, christopher steven jamison (yes, all lower case) and Byron Mallott.

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