Letter: Millions for Kodiak sidewalk stirs some disturbing questions

In recent days there have been a number of opinion pieces in the News supporting the new health care law.  There was also an article about a new $2,800,000 sidewalk for cruise ship passengers in Kodiak. How are those related?

I graduated from college more than 40 years ago and have worked continuously since. My wife and I have been married for more than 30 years and except for when our children were small, she has worked also.

We have paid our house off, built a business in our own building, which is also paid off. We have also acquired some rental property, a couple pieces of recreational property and have a retirement account.

If I liquidated everything I have and after paying taxes, closings costs etc. used the proceeds to build that sidewalk, those cruise passengers would still be floundering around in the mud for at least half the distance. In other words, if I did things the way the government does, I could use the fruits of more than 40 years of labor to build half a sidewalk.

To those of you who think the government can manage one-sixth of the economy and do it in a fiscally responsible way, good for you. Have faith. I don’t.

— James Morris