Matt Thomas and the boys are fired up! (UAA TV spot)

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

UAA first-year coach Matt Thomas has already started with the yelling -- no worries, that's just us referencing his fired-up speech in a new TV commercial the school will soon unveil.

Man, if he's this wired in a commercial before the team has even played a game, imagine how pumped he'll be on an actual game night.

To check out the commercial, click here.

Also, looks like coach made sure not to step on the Seawolves logo in his lockerroom speech -- cuz, ya know, stepping on a logo in a hockey room is a sin that will merit the offender a two-hander across the shins (or possibly higher, in a, um, even more sensitive region -- cup check!).

The ad is part of UAA's marketing campaign, centered around the phrase, "It's A New Day.''