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Weekend roundup: Get Xtratuf-deep in Alaska's unusual events

Megan Edge

Recently, I was speaking with a friend who had only been in Alaska for about two years. In the midst of our conversation, he told me that the state is crap because there "is nothing to do." Like any good, lifelong Alaska resident, I promptly told him to leave. No, we don't have Broadway like New York City or the nightlife of L.A., but we do have some one-of-a-kind entertainment.

Outsiders call us the worst-dressed people in the nation, but if an Outsider were to look past our cheap clothes and our overpriced Chinese-made Xtratufs they would find fashionable art created by a collective group of Alaska Natives from across the state.

The Water Collection, which first made its debut at the 2013 Clare to Clare fashion show, is inspired by Alaska's vast and endless natural water supply. Monday is the last day to catch the clothes on display at the Alaska Native Arts Foundation in Anchorage.

It's also time to get funky, groovy or whatever it is you do with your feet when music starts to play. The Seward Music and Arts Festival is taking over the Kenai Peninsula town all weekend long. It's a lot of funky Alaska musicians in one funky little Alaska town.

One thing, maybe the only thing, that Alaska residents and tourists agree on, is that Alaska has good local brew. On Saturday, the Talkeetna Brewfest is taking over the quaint little Alaska town. Tasty, bubbly beer will be pouring from taps Saturday afternoon. It costs $40 to take part in the festivities, but it should be worth every penny.

So to the people who say Alaska is dull, find something fresh to do -- it won't be that hard. And if none of these events tickle your fancy, here are a few more: Running of the Boots, Free music Saturday at the Sitzmark, or Meet a Sandhill Crane.

Again, this is just a taste. If you refuse to have fun at any of the events that are listed I will tell you what I told my "friend": feel free to find another state with more to do.

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