Letter: Was it religion or Democrats?

In a letter to the editor by Joesph Fleming he wonders why so many people attack Christianity when the religion does so many good things. He lists elimination of slavery, decreasing child abuse, feeding the hungry, shelter for the homeless, caring for the sick.

First: I don’t hear or read of any criticism of the churches for their good deeds, rather they are criticized for tolerating sexual abuse by their members, the folly of the Inquisition and other “Holy” wars amongst themselves and others, and attempting to get their dogmas made into laws.

Secondly: The listing above of these particular good deeds seem to be the accomplishments of the Democratic Party, at least in this country; except for Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves (bless his heart).

Christianity is rightly criticized for its nefarious behaviors which, over 2,000 years, have been considerable. But “bravo” for it’s good deeds and support of Democratic ideals.

— Dick Palmatier