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Friday training talk: What's up with your pack?

Jillie walks softly and carries a big stick ;p
Mike Lewis /
Eddie, left is 9; Jillie is 4.
Mike Lewis /

Use this space to discuss training issues -- brag about successes, lament setbacks or bounce a question off the group. 

Do dogs with aggressive tendencies mellow with age?

I think that's what I've seen the last couple years with my pack. Eddie is well mannered around humans, but he has always had a tendency to snap first and ask questions later with pushy dogs, including his sister Jillie.

In Jillie's first 3 years, I always kept a close eye on them and knew what situations to avoid. I managed Eddie's tendencies to the point where we only had a flareup or two a year.

But it's probably been a year since Eddie has snapped at Jillie, at least while I'm around. I still watch them closely, but the situation has at least improved. I'm thinking age more than anything has led the improvement. Eddie is 9 now and had surgery on both his back legs. Fighting may be be as appealing as it used to.

What's up with your pack?