Letter: Drop Obamacare opposition

I have to comment on Scott Anderson’s words “for the same reason Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare the American people want to be exempted from an overreaching government.”

I beg to differ; the American people re-elected President Obama, who pushed through the Affordable Care Act during his first term. This bill went through all the steps and all the compromises necessary to become law. Then, when the Republicans were still fighting it, it went on to the Supreme Court, where it was declared constitutional. Not only is it constitutional, but nonpartisan financial experts say it can and will work if left as it is and even save the U.S. money.

So Scott and all the rest of those creating havoc should read this: The majority of the American people want to see the Affordable Care Act in place, it was voted on and made law. Angry conservatives still carrying on need to sit down and accept that they lost this issue so we can move on to far more important problems.

— Sue Faust