Letter: Cruz should’ve read to the end

I had to laugh when Sen. Ted Cruz chose to cherry pick “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss to portray his disdain for the Affordable Care Act. It seems many on the political right are quick to quote passages from the Bible or other sources in order to substantiate their views against gay marriage, climate change or other issues, rather than to take the texts as a whole.

So I wasn’t surprised when Sen. Cruz failed to finish reading “Green Eggs and Ham.” If he had, he would have noticed that in the end, Sam-I-am won the day. After finally taking a bite, the antagonist actually liked green eggs and ham. That, I believe, is the real issue here.

Like Medicare and Medicaid, the Republican Party fears that after actually trying it, the American people might embrace the Affordable Care Act. 

— Mike Douthit