Plenty up for grabs in CIC football finales

Doyle Woody

West's 23-0 victory over top-ranked South on Thursday earned the Eagles the Cook Inlet Conference's football championship and the league's No. 1 seed to the state playoffs, but postseason seeding for the CIC's other four playoff teams remains a mystery.

Those seeds will be determined by a pair of 2 p.m. games Saturday -- Bartlett at Chugiak and Dimond against Service at Anchorage Football Stadium.

The other regular-season finale -- winless East at Eagle River -- will determine last place. An East win would leave both teams 1-6 in league play. An Eagle River win would give the Wolves seventh place and leave East the lone winless team in the eight-team league.

Service (4-2 CIC) could land anywhere from the No. 2 seed to the No. 5 seed. Both South (5-2) and Chugiak (4-2) can gain any of the Nos. 2-3-4 seeds, and Dimond (3-3) can finish with any of Nos. 3-4-5 seeds.

With a victory, Chugiak can be either the No. 2 or No. 3 seed. The same holds true for Service if it wins.

The CIC uses, if necessary, up to six steps to break a tie in the standings, but the first two steps usually snap the tie. Step 1 is head-to-head results. Step 2 is how the deadlocked teams did against those ranked above them in the standings. Step 3 is fewest points allowed head to head, whichcomes into play in ties between three or more teams.

Don't sweat the rest, especially Step 6 -- coin flip! -- because they won't come into play Saturday.


Walking the sideline at a high school football game can be a treat, because just listening provides insight.

And that's not even talking about the finely aged art of whining about officiating, which is a constant complaint on every sideline. To hear players and coaches tell it, the conspiracy against them is vast.

In any event, West coach Tim Davis and South coach John Lewis both delivered some inspiration in Thursday's game.

After a West player was tagged with a penalty for a personal foul early in the third quarter, Davis told the player he needed to be more disciplined for the sake of the Eagles.

"Love your family better than that,'' Davis said.

And when Lewis gathered his entire team during a second-quarter timeout by West, long after South game-breaker Justice Augafa was lost to injury, Lewis told his players they had a responsibility to the team to pick up the slack.

"Justice isn't the team,'' Lewis implored, and went on to fire up his club with some, um, salty motivational language.

Though the loss cost South the conference title, don't count out the defending state champion Wolverines -- one of Lewis' strengths is getting his team to bounce back after a loss.


West's Lui Faamasino, smiling and good-natured after Thursday's win, to television broadcaster Jake Ryle following Ryle's tweeted prediction of South winning by 12 points: "You're sleeping on us.''

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