Letter: Raising bus fees feeds on poor

The article “Mayor releases proposed ’14 budget” (Oct. 4) quotes Mayor Sullivan as saying: “Because of the continued sluggish national economy and recent revelations that unemployment and poverty levels are at record highs, I made the decision to keep property tax increases to a minimum. …” The article went on to detail proposed People Mover fare increases of 100 percent for seniors and an over 14 percent increase for a one-way adult fare.

Virtually every single Anchorage citizen pays property taxes, directly or indirectly. However, this fare increase would have a material and direct negative affect on the population Hizzoner says he is championing in his property tax proposal.

He can propose any revenue and expenditure formula he wants, but he shouldn’t seek political gain by hiding behind the guise of helping our most vulnerable citizens with their property taxes.

— Samuel A. Moore