Letter: Running race near moose risky

After reading several articles about the shooting of a bull moose at Kincaid Park where a middle school cross country race was being held, I have to say I agreed with the Compass article by Val Van Brocklin (Sept. 28) and I have to say to Storm Carl (Letters, Oct. 1) that we didn’t have to be there to understand that kids were very much at risk.

Personally, if I had found out my child was allowed to run right past an area with a reported five bulls (I believe that was the number mentioned) in rut I would’ve been livid. We might as well have allowed them to run with bears right along the trail. Moose are very dangerous at any time let alone during the rut season. No middle school race was worth the risk. It was very fortunate that someone there had a shotgun or someone probably would’ve been hurt as I understand the bull was dropped within something like 20 feet of the runners.

Sorry Storm, I agree with the Compass author; allowing this race to continue was idiotic.

— Joy Bruns