WATCH: First headlines in 60 seconds

Ali Watkins,Julie Moos

In the latest sign the government shutdown will not end soon, Speaker of the House John Boehner said Sunday that the House would not vote on continued funding of the government unless the President negotiated terms. But President Obama has little incentive to negotiate, reports Anita Kumar.

On Sunday morning's political talk shows, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew also warned of the perils of default if the debt ceiling is not raised by Oct. 17.

President Obama "personally approved a daring raid by the U.S. Army’s Delta Force and agents from the CIA and FBI that led to the capture of an al Qaida leader outside his home in Libya" on Saturday, reports James Rosen.

The death toll in Egypt is at least 44 after police turned on Muslim Brotherhood supporters Sunday. During the violence, two McClatchy reporters were assaulted by police, who took their cell phones and camera.

The Supreme Court returns to work this first Monday in October, despite the government shutdown. See how they voted last term, and catch up on the cases they plan to hear this session.

By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos
McClatchy Washington Bureau