Former Assembly write-in candidate Moe fined for campaign finance violation

Nathaniel Herz

Former Anchorage Assembly candidate Nick Moe has been fined $275 for failing to report a $500 in-kind donation to his campaign.

The fine, levied by the Alaska Public Offices Commission last week, was reduced from a maximum of $55,000 after the commission ruled that the omission "appeared to be the result of an honest mistake."

Moe, who ran as a write-in candidate, came within 600 votes of unseating current Assembly Chair Ernie Hall in last April's municipal election.

According to an affidavit from Moe, his campaign failed to follow campaign finance rules related to a radio ad he commissioned from Tom Begich, a political consultant.

The ad cost $1,500, but Begich donated $500 of the fee, which went unreported until the campaign noticed the error and corrected it in a post-election filing, Moe said in the affidavit.