Letter: Obama amended health care law after Supreme Court OK

Sue Faust’s letter (Drop Obamacare opposition, Oct. 4) stops short of the whole story. Read Krauthammer’s comments of Oct. 4 for the whole story. Granted there is a lot of BS coming from both sides of the aisle, however, make no mistake — after the Supreme Court ruled the ACA constitutional, Obama amended the law several times, one of which was to suspend the employer mandate. That has not been tested at the Supreme Court.

If Miss Faust is going to tell people to stop opposing, she better know what they are opposing and that is the unfair application of this law — take out all the exemptions as the Supreme Court ruled on and then you can call it good. Until then, count on strong opposition to the overreach.

Miss Faust should check her poll facts — the “majority” of Americans want affordable health care, not the ACA that Obama has stuffed down our throats. There’s a big difference

— Preston Rudderow