Woman arrested for disturbance in South Anchorage

Benjamin S. Brasch

Police arrested a woman Tuesday after she burst into a neighbor's apartment, assaulted him and then stood on her South Anchorage deck wielding a gun, the Anchorage Police Department said in a release.

Michelle Marie Wold, 41, was charged Tuesday with burglary and two counts of fourth-degree assault, police said.

At 10:24 a.m. Tuesday, Wold's downstairs neighbor called police and said Wold had been kicking his door. After that, she came into his apartment, punched him, threw an object at him and left, police said. Once Wold left and went back to her apartment, the neighbor told police, she sounded she was "screaming and throwing objects."

A few minutes later, the same neighbor called police again, saying Wold was out on her deck with an unknown type of gun.

Jennifer Castro, Anchorage Police Department spokeswoman, said the neighbor described the gun as a rifle.

Police and the Special Assignment Unit arrived minutes after the call . They entered Wold's apartment and found that she wasn't there. She had run away from her apartment on foot, Castro said.

Authorities found her about an hour later on Huffman Road near New Seward Highway.

The neighbor told police that Wold "has a known mental illness and occasionally fires guns from her porch," according to the press release.

Castro said police didn't find any firearms in her apartment, but they did find BB gun rifles.



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