Letter: Obamacare is like Halloween

As Halloween approaches my assessment of Obamacare can be described as those huge red paraffin lips we used to wear trick or treating. At first bite they were quite sweet but quickly turned to a globby mess soon to be spit out. If it were only that easy today.

Instead we are inundated with “… jams are signs of success” (Barbara Shelly, Saturday). Really? What she doesn’t discuss is the importance for full enrollment from the young “healthies”— the ones who are saddled with student loans as they struggle with part-time employment which is a direct result of the ACA in the first place. The “savvies” will soon realize the IRS can fine them but can only collect through confiscation of tax refunds which can easily be rectified with a stroke of a W2. Unless this is addressed immediately we will all be “tricked” with sky-rocketing premiums except for our Congressmen, like our “YES” voting Sen. Begich, who’ll get a 72 percent subsidy.

— Mark Mendonsa