Letter: Outdoor events need planning

Amen to the Van Brocklin piece (Compass, Sept. 28) stating the killing of the moose in Kincaid Park during rutting season was avoidable during a race with children. It was totally irresponsible to OK such an event.

It reminds me of the jaw-dropping decision a few summers ago to schedule a bike race through Rovers Run in the middle of the night — an area known for grizzlies, and salmon were running in an adjacent stream! The Last Frontier is advertised with teeming wildlife without mentioning the dark side of how we slaughter them officially all the time. Perhaps we could return to science, common sense and compassion if we had a Board of Game that was made up of primarily wildlife biologists, a village representative and one for the guides and one from the public at large.

In the meantime, people who make local outdoor event decisions need to check with the local Fish and Game office before more insanity prevails.

— Dody Froehlich