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Alcohol & Me: 'It was a scene from a horror movie'

Marc Lester
Carlos Salazar was one of five people in the vehicle that Citari Townes-Sweatt was driving on June 30, 2013. A collision at Boniface Parkway and DeBarr Road killed Townes-Sweatt and injured Salazar. He's photographed at home with his daughter, Penelope, and son, Carlos Montana. Marc Lester

Carlos Salazar, a 21-year-old father of two, was riding in the back seat of a Monte Carlo when the sedan was T-boned June 30 by a drunken driver, according to police. The crash killed Salazar’s friend, Citari Townes-Sweatt, and began a string of deadly alcohol-related traffic deaths in the city.

Marc Lester
Anchorage Daily News