Letter: Even 'unpaid,’ Congress is dismal

A couple of weeks ago I said something about why do we pay the Congress to do a job when they won’t and don’t do that job. I wasn’t the only one. The fuss it stirred up was all over the national news stations so our senator and representative said something that made me laugh.

Begich said he was going to donate his pay to worthy charities. What are those charities? His family? After all, charity begins at home.

Murkowski said she was going to “suspend” her pay, which means she will take the pay- check but since she has 120 days in which to cash it, she won’t miss out on her pay.

Don Young said he was going to take his pay- check. I guess he didn’t want people to think he was the hero type.

So now what? They still aren’t doing their jobs, and even when John McCain tried to shame them into doing something, it didn’t work.

If it were you or I we would be sent down the road talking to ourselves wondering what we had done wrong. And that road wouldn’t be paved with yellow bricks.

— Victoria Marshall


Anchorage Daily News