Letter: We need open space, not more highways

I am horrified that Anchorage is putting a road through Goose Lake! Several years ago, I filled in at Wendler Middle School for a year. At the end of the year, we had two field trips: one to the Eagle River Nature Center and one to Goose Lake. Many of those kids had never been out of Anchorage, but they HAD been to Goose Lake and the surrounding parks. Goose Lake provides nature for those who are stuck in the city. If a road went through, it would affect the health of our residents and especially the kids. 

This summer I went to Goose Lake and interviewed those who were there about the idea of putting a road through. Everyone wanted to give me input. They were angry. A road would kill that wilderness experience for them. We need open space — not more highways that cut two minutes from a commute. 

Leave a piece of nature in the city for the people and for our health.

— Cindee Karns

Eagle River