New fence at Connor's Bog; dog park at Merrill Field discussion

Two events for dog lovers are coming up: Connor's Bog is getting safer, and there's a meeting scheduled to discuss a fenced dog park at Merrill Field.

Here's some information from Kayla Epstein of Anchorage Unleashed:

On Sunday, state Rep. Mia Costello will be on hand as a barrier fence between the Connor's Bog Dog Park's parking lot and Jewel Lake Road is dedicated. The public is invited to stop by for cookies, coffee or hot chocolate and dog treats from 3-5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 20, at the Connor's Bog parking lot, located on Jewel Lake Road to the south of International Airport Road. Feel free to bring your dog for a walk before or after, organizers say.

Also, the Merrill Field Airport is considering a fenced dog park as part of their new master plan. There are other alternatives so if this is to come to pass people need to speak up. They will have a chance to participate both in person and online. There will be an open house on Tuesday, October 22 at 2811 Merrill Field (UAA's Aviation Technology Division) from 4 - 7 with a presentation at 6.  On October 21 or 21 a website should be up showing the maps of the new plans and seeking public input.  It will be at