Your View: What would you do to curb DUI?

Alcohol abuse and drunken driving have a long and tragic reach into the lives of so many of us. The scourge seems too big sometimes, one of those miseries that is always with us and so hard to eliminate.

But so many of us also know that Alaskans do overcome the scourge, find the means to heal and prevent, educate and hold accountable. We don't accept the "state of intoxication." We recognize it, and look for the most effective ways to change it.

In that spirit, we ask you to join the discussion. The editorial above looks at four proposals featured in a recent Daily News story. What do you think of them? Do you have other ideas? What about roadblocks -- are they a violation of privacy or a reasonable means to provide public safety?

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BOTTOM LINE: What do you think we should do to curb drunken driving and other alcohol abuse?